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One of the most popular cigars for the new generation is Rocky Patel. The manufacturers of this cigar have been consistently producing some of the best cigar lines over the past two decades. The traditional and time tested style of manufacturing cigars is combined with the latest cutting edge techniques to produce world class cigars. Rocky Patel the man behind the success story of these highly reputed brands of cigars began interested in the finest cigars when he was an attorney to some of the big names in Hollywood.

Rocky Patel Cigars

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Rocky Patel Cigars
When the legendary Hollywood lawyer left Tinseltown to pursue his dream of cigar making he was considered crazy by many of his former associates. Why leave a wildly successful legal practice to head off to Honduras? Rocky Patel did it because he had passion, vision, conviction. He had an idea of the ideal smoke and went about bringing that idea to fruition with his first brand, Indian Tabac, and then after the success of that, he went on to the Rocky Patel Vintage Series. The result is an immensely popular cigar among real cigar aficionados that continues to defy the naysayers and receive praises from cigar fans and critics. How did Rocky Patel become the icon of the cigar industry that he is today? Yes the packaging on Rocky Patel Cigars is striking enough to get recognition for that alone, and yes, the man in charge spends a lot of time on promotion, but the primary force in the success of the Rocky Patel brand of cigars is the pure quality of the product. He did it by learning the trade from the ground up. After selling his practice in Hollywood, he moved to Honduras and spent five years teaching himself every aspect of the trade including the farming and barn work.